What should I do if sewage is overflowing from a sewer structure onto the ground, driveway and/or street?

There are three distinct types of sewer/stormwater structures that may call for three different responses:

  1. Overflow Devices are usually located near buildings or above the sewer mains (which typically run under streets). They may have a lid or mushroom cap on top and allow sewage from a plugged sewer pipe or sewer main to overflow outside of the building or from the main. Contact a licensed plumbing company if you suspect the overflow is being caused by a blocked private side sewer pipe (lateral) that extends from your home or your building to the public sewer. If you see a spill coming from the street or near creeks or open spaces, it may be coming from a sewer main. Please contact the District at 415-259-2949.
  2. Manhole Structures are usually located in the middle of the street and provide access for pipe inspection and cleaning. The District’s manhole structures vary from 25 to 42 inches in diameter and are normally have "Sanitary Sewer" printed on top. Call the District at 415-259-2949 to report an overflowing sewer manhole.
  3. Storm Drains carry rainwater only and are usually under curb openings in the gutter, with a grated or slotted piece of metal cover. Contact your local Public Works Department or the Marin County Department of Public Works at 415-499-6570 to report problems with storm drains.

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