Backwater Prevention Devices

  1. What is a BPD?
  2. What does a BPD look like?
  3. Do I need a BPD?
  4. Where are they installed?
  5. How do I maintain it?

A backwater prevention device (BPD) is installed on top of a sewer line cleanout access point. The device consists of a valve with a float that opens if the pipe fills with water and it also seals odors within the pipe. When blockages form in the sewer main or in a private sewer lateral, wastewater can back up in the pipe and flow toward a building or a nearby manhole. BPDs prevent sewage from backing up into a building and instead release the wastewater outside into the landscape.

If not already installed, the District requires that your private sewer lateral be equipped with an appropriate BPD (e.g., Contra Costa valve, as warranted by the individual site conditions). If properly installed and maintained, these devices help prevent sewer backup into your home or business. All BPDs shall comply with Ross Valley Sanitary District (RVSD) standards and shall be maintained by the property owner to provide for the continuing function as designed. For more information, please refer to the RVSD Approved Materials List.

Backwater Prevention Device

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