FY 2020/21 Gravity Sewer Improvements Project

Project Schedule:  Summer 2021 - Spring 2022

Construction Manager: Park Engineering, Inc.

Contractor: Glosage Engineering, Inc.

Project Update - May 13, 2022

This project is nearing completion. All contract work is complete except for minor punch list work and rehabilitating several manholes throughout the District. Additional work is planned for Woodland Road near Evergreen Drive in Kentfield starting in June, to address some excessive groundwater infiltration that we observed when we installed new sewers upstream on Laurel Way 

Project Summary

The FY 2020/21 Gravity Sewer Improvements Project will replace approximately 2 miles of gravity sewer and additional restoration in Greenbrae, Larkspur, San Anselmo, Kent Woodlands and Ross.

Project Information and Construction Notices

  • Check here for updated project information and construction notices as they become available.

Project Construction Will Include

  • Replacement of approximately 2 miles of gravity sewer and additional restoration in Greenbrae (El Portal easement), Larkspur (South Eliseo and Country Mart), San Anselmo (Sequoia Park), Kent Woodlands (Rancheria/Evergreen), and Ross (Skyland).  
  • Upsizing of 4" sewer in El Portal Easement and install manhole at blind tee, 
  • Removal of sags and restoration of grade in South Eliseo sewer, pipe repair near Bed Bath and Beyond in Country Mart, 
  • Upsizing and restoration of 4" and 5" sewers in Sequoia Park including replacement of easement sewers with sewers in roadways, 
  • Rehabilitation of clay sewers in Rancheria area to reduce I&I, Upsize and replacement of 4” sewer on Skyland in Ross, address pipe and manhole defects and reduce line maintenance hours in difficult access areas.

Project Contacts

Construction Manager:
Jaemin Park, Park Engineering
Email Jaemin Park
Call: 925-818-3756


Glosage Engineering, Inc.

Luis Guzman, Project Manager

Call: 510-815-4505

Project Manager:

Phil Benedetti, RVSD Associate Engineer

Email Phil Benedetti

Call: 415-259-2949 x212

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